Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy is my father. He is the hero of our family, the one who always protect us from danger. He always love us as same as Mom, Yodi, I and Rio. But sometimes he's annoying -_- he always ask me to do something that can do it by him self. But when I feel annoyed, I remember how he cared I grown up to be like now. 
I remember when he told me about my childhood, I pipis at my Dad's clothes when I slept on his body when I was a little girl. I laughed hard when my Dad told me about that :p I remember when my Dad kissed my little bro's lips. It was very funny, we all laughing hard. 
But when my Dad is mad, everybody keeps their silent and try to give what he want. My dad never use his hand for punching or use his feet for kicking. He's just use a loud voice and told us to not do the same mistakes again. 
Me, my big bro Yodi, and my little bro Rio always fighting and when my Dad's know that we were fighting, we always get the punishment. The punishment is he put us in the bathroom until we reconcile. And that punishment is working! We both playing with water until all of us are wet! :p
My Mom is the luckiest woman in the world who's got a man that love her so much. My Mom said that she and my Dad have a lot of inequality. But, they always understand each other. That's why I want to have a boyfriend and a husband like my Dad that always understand me and always except me as I am.

Happy Father's Day, Bapak. 
♥ Your one and only daughter.xoxo

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