Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy is my father. He is the hero of our family, the one who always protect us from danger. He always love us as same as Mom, Yodi, I and Rio. But sometimes he's annoying -_- he always ask me to do something that can do it by him self. But when I feel annoyed, I remember how he cared I grown up to be like now. 
I remember when he told me about my childhood, I pipis at my Dad's clothes when I slept on his body when I was a little girl. I laughed hard when my Dad told me about that :p I remember when my Dad kissed my little bro's lips. It was very funny, we all laughing hard. 
But when my Dad is mad, everybody keeps their silent and try to give what he want. My dad never use his hand for punching or use his feet for kicking. He's just use a loud voice and told us to not do the same mistakes again. 
Me, my big bro Yodi, and my little bro Rio always fighting and when my Dad's know that we were fighting, we always get the punishment. The punishment is he put us in the bathroom until we reconcile. And that punishment is working! We both playing with water until all of us are wet! :p
My Mom is the luckiest woman in the world who's got a man that love her so much. My Mom said that she and my Dad have a lot of inequality. But, they always understand each other. That's why I want to have a boyfriend and a husband like my Dad that always understand me and always except me as I am.

Happy Father's Day, Bapak. 
♥ Your one and only daughter.xoxo

Monday, June 17, 2013


Because I will go to High School, I will post Glee. Because this musical drama tell us about life at High School. GLEE is the most inspiring drama musical I have ever watch! Do you ever watch it? If you're not, you've gotta watch it!

Why you love Glee so much?
   so, you wanna know WHY I love Glee so much? Really? Seriously? Are you sure you wanna know why I love Glee so much? WHY?????

  • First, I love music so much. Glee is a musical drama that always sing a song about whet they're feel.
  • Second, Glee told me about how to keep our friendship, how to reach our dreams, how to not look at people through physical, and etc. This musical drama told me about life.
  • Third, it told me about how to gain leadership, hard-working, togetherness.
Sometimes, Glee's music is better than the original song. haha, that's what I'm thinking. Screw you if you have a different opinion :p

What's you favorite songs that sung by Glee?
   There's many songs that I love when the it's sung by Glee. And much of the songs that I dislike it, but when it's sung by Glee...I love it. Born This Way and Half Of Fame is stuck in my head lately. I don't know, when I watched Glee 3D Concert, I've fallen love with Born This Way by Lady Gaga and Hall Of Fame by The Script feat. Will.I.Am that sung by Glee.

damn, I love the t-shirt

I'm beautiful in my way'Cause God makes no mistakesI'm on the right track, babyI was born this way

Hall Of Fame by Glee

Who's character you most like?
   Character? I like them all, they have their own personality, they're unique, various. But most of all, I love Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Sam Evans, Santana Lopez, Kurt Hummel and Quinn Fabray.

Why Rachel Berry?
Rachel Barbra Berry. Her real name is Lea Michel. She's one of other character that very...very inspiring me! She's cherish, cute, good at dressing, her voice is amazing, kind, hard-worker, dreamer that wanna make her dream come true. She is Finn's girlfriend. She's one of luckiest girl that has a cute and handsome boyfriend like Finn. Omg, their love story are everlasting! But Rachel know how to be Brody's girlfriend, but BroChel is just for now, FinChel is forever!

Why Finn Hudson?
WHY? You really wanna know WHY? Which girl who doesn't want to have a boyfriend like Finn Christopher Hudson? If there was a girl who doesn't want to have a boyfriend like Finn, they are F-R-EA-K.
Finn's real name is Cory Monteith. Finn is...HANDSOME, sexy, kind, gentleman, cute omg...HE IS PERVECT. He is Rachel's boyfriend and Quinn's ex-boyfriend. But, I prefer FinChel rather than FinQuinn. Or, maybe FinDant? HAHA.

Why Santana Lopez?
Santana Lopez's real name is Naya Rivera. She's mexican. She's hot, sexy, naught, bitchy. She's talented and at Glee, her character is antagonist as same as Quinn Fabray. She's a lesbian. She has a 'girlfriend' named Brittany Pierce. At McKinley, she's a cheerios co-captain and she's a Diva.

Brittany and Santana

Why Kurt Hummel?
Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a gay. He's real name is Christopher Paul Colfer. Kurt is a cute, lovely, kind. I love him...I don't know why. I just love him the way he is. HAHA. Because he always confidence with his self. His 'boyfriend' named Blaine. 

Why you love Quinn Fabray?
Lucy Quinn Fabray is a hot girl, pretty, cute, bitchy, sexy. Her real name is Dianna Agron. Her voice is cute and sexy. She's Finn's ex-girlfriend. And she's now with Puckerman. She's famous, fabulous, a Diva and antagonist as same as Santana.

I love Glee so much. I always wish that Glee will make a Glee Season 5 so damn much. Glee rock, Glee will never die. Glee, I'm a Gleeks. Don't Stop Believin' and always hold on to the feelin'! \G/

Sunday, June 2, 2013

One thing that ruin everything.

Congratulation Danti! You've passed the national examination.
Now you're going to wear PUTIH ABUABU and say good bye to PUTIH BIRU.
But not so fast...

How about you're score? Guess this is so bad. Because my score is too slight to pass the registration and rules for some school at Semarang. And the worst is... My mom look mad at me. Maybe she think "where Danti supposed to school?". But my friends say that this is not the real score, because at Wednesday there'll be one score that will distributed to all of the students of 9th grade. 
My mom think that I'm too much playing with my gadgets and ignore my study. No mom, you don't know how hard to study like math and science. Everybody has their ability. Maybe my ability isn't there, maybe my ability is in music or sport or cooking or anything. 
Yesterday, my mom came into my room and she ask me to give my galaxy tab and my cellphone to her. First, I give my galaxy tab but not my cellphone. And she ask me to give my cellphone but I don't want to give it to her. She spoke loudly to me. I'm crying and I threw my cellphone.
My mom pick it up and she threw my cellphone out of my window. 
And I'm crying.

Mom, someday I will prove to you that score doesn't mean anything about someone's successful. 

I locked my self in my bedroom, I don't wanna go out. I cry hard.
I prepare my things and planning to go to Tata's house. I don't eat, I'm just crying all day long and read some books that appear in my bedroom. I'm boring without my gadgets. 
And when my mom and dad go out, I opened my bedroom's door and start eat some foods. 
There's my brother and he said "Your cellphone plunged to the pond by mom", and suddenly I stop eat my foods. I'm  shock. But, I still have my galaxy tab.
And than I'm taking a bath and than back into my bedroom. I'm just reading, mirroring, talking to my self and doing something stupid in my bedroom to hush my boring. 
My mom, my dad and my brother laughing out there. I just can hear them laughing. Oh that's such a boring day. Locked my self in my bedroom and waste my whole day with sleeping.
My mom once ask me to join the dinner, but I'm not answering.

Sometimes, I think something that unfair. 
When my brother faced the national examination on 2011, his packet examination only 5. He also got helped by his friend who smart at math and his friend's packet is same as my brother's and that's why he got passed the national examination with good score.
But in my year, 2013. It's very different! I've got 20 packet and the packet's number isn't written on the packet's paper. There isn't same packet. Each students have their packet and different of each others. And I AM NOT HELP.

I've wonder if my mom see my result of my national examination, she'll hugged me and say "congratulation!" or whatever that makes me happy. And if she saw my score, she'll said "don't be sad, next year you've study harder than now". But... I've got my cellphone plunged into my pond. Fml.