Saturday, November 13, 2010

photograph :*



try to be DIFFERENT
try to CHANGE my self
try to FORGET ALL the MEMORIES that happend to us

you now why i do this ALL ?
becouse YOU , you forget me just like the wind that past over [!]
so EASY to you to FORGET it ALL [!]
but why [?] , why for me it's to HARD ?
and from NOW , i want FORGET  IT ALL !
with all sorts of method !
you just PLAY with my FEEL that i gave to you !
you have to PAY it ALL
because it's to PAIN !
just ENOUGH for ME , to call you a FRIEND
couse NOW , i not REGARD you as my FRIEND !

is that ?

I have a strange feeling .
sometimes .. I liked that feeling , but sometimes no .
I did not know what this feeling .
to strange for me :/ sometimes , i feel Happy and sometimes Sad :o
what is wrong with me ?
and what is this feel ?

is this LOVE ?