Monday, May 6, 2013

The more mature, more and more problems.

My Parents always say that to me. They not scare me, but they care to me. My parents are born decades than me, they have experience dealing with issues ranging from the simplest, smallest to the largest and most difficult problems. They have been addressing the problem is not their problem. a.k.a someone's problems.
    I, who was 15 years old can not be considered 'adult' must have started to learn to deal with problems. not Not run away from problems.
I've feel much problems that I've solve. Not by my own self, sometimes..I ask my friends to help me and ask them to them to give me some advises.

Family, friends, school, love, boyfriend, money etc.

Sometimes, when I can't face the problems I cry loudly. Locked my self in my bedroom, hugging my favorite doll, talking and asking to my own self, feeling guilty, feeling fucked up, feeling jumbled. Sometimes I just like to blame my own self but sometimes I want people understand me and think about my feelings too. UUGH.
    But...I have to face the fact and let it flow. My life is such a long journey, my age is still 15th and I'm still young. But sometimes I feel so lucky, why? Because at my age, I've got so many lessons that is a provision for my future later to solve my problems.

Because, there's a rainbow after the rainstorm.
There's a bright day after the dark night.
There's a sunrise after the sunset.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.-Kelly Clarkson