Saturday, December 15, 2012


My friend, called Gita called me and asked me to came to her classroom. She asked me to brought my laptop too. And than she opened and she typed my name.

"What will you do?"
"I'll show you something, you must be surprised!"

Suddenly, I've become kepo
And than she clicked Search button and WALA!!!

I'm speechless. My name and my websites searchable in until page 9!!!
And than, Gita change the search type into "gambar" or picture.

And there's my pictures until page 3 on search for "gambar" or picture.
I'm very very surprised. Wkwk. Eh, there's my friends and families photos too. Funny huh? I can't speak any words anymore.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday night, my friend.... I haven't to say her name right? Okay, just call her "Ndut".
She makes sad pm on Blackberry Messenger and I ask her. And then it's begin from.......

  • Me: What's going on?
  • Ndut: Mom....
  • Me: What's wrong with ur mom?
  • Ndut: She blame on me, again.... And she said that she won't care about me and my sister anymore....
  • Me: Your mom said that? But, why?
  • Ndut: I know my mom has a lot of problems and she also had to take care of me and my sister... I'm scared....

    (Ndut has no father anymore because her mom and dad get divorce when she was studied at Kindergarten)
  • Me: Sorry.... Can you tell me from the first 'till now? Cause, I'm a lil bit don't understand....
  • Ndut: First, it's just a simple and small problem. And after that, she getting angry. I can't even explain all to you, it's to difficult... Please, don't tell to anybody that I tell you about this problem.
  • Me: Of course I wouldn't tell anybody. Just say "yes mom" if your mom start to blame on you. Okay?
  • Ndut: I'm starting to cry, dant.....
  • Me: Stop crying, come on..... Calm down, just pray to Allah for your mom that she was strong. If your mom tell you something, just do it. Okay?
  • Ndut: Amen, yaAllah!
  • Me: You have to obey your mom. Calm down, just pray to Allah.
  • Ndut: I always pray to Allah, dant. I'm sad to look at my mom to has a lot of problems and solve them by her self....
  • Me: Cupcupcup, don't be sad. Just calm down, okay?
  • Ndut: *hug emoticon*

That's Ndut's story about her problems. 

And now.... I have a story too, it's from my.... Just call her "Behel".

It's just a simple chat on Blackberry Mesengger, and I'm the one who begin this all. HHA. Because I care.


  • Me: Behel, how's your mom and dad? I bet they better now than yet. Right?
  • Behel: No, they still like yesterday. And now, they not talking to each other.....
  • Me: So, they getting worse?
  • Behel: Yeah right. In the evening, my mom said
    "I'll report this to the office. You have to be ready from now if there's something. will happen. Your brother and your sister is ready, and the last is you. I bet live alone rather than like now, hurt."

    (Behel's dad cheating and siri marriage and he's now has a little baby from the second one."
  • Behel: *cont* YaAllah, I envy my friends who have a normal family without any problems like mine.
  • Me: Calm, you have to pray to Allah. If they have.... Ehem.... Divorce, just let it be. Your mom is trying, but your dad won't change. Your mom's right. Than pain, better end this. You have to pray if they really wanna divorce. 
  • Behel: Yeah right, I can't stand looking at my mom treat like that by my dad. I always thinking, the courtship when cheated will hurt, especially those who are married. Thankyou for your support!
  • Me: Yeah, that's right! Cupcupcup *hug emoticon*
  • Behel: Thankyou very much dant!
  • Me: Pleasure! Pray to Allah, he always hear His servant.
  • Behel: Always!

Anyone who see this post, I wish you all not wasting you parents okay? Because, there's a lot of kids who wants to have a normal family without any problems in it. Parents.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you ever feel....
You fight for someone you love but, they just like idgaf?

Do you ever feel....
You give everything you have but, they just like a blown wind?

Do you ever feel.....
Loving someone with all of your heart but, they love you just half of their heart?

Do you ever feel.....
When you need someone, they're not beside you. But when they need you, you always there?

Do you ever feel..... 
Cheated? Hurt? Lied? Unrequited? Disappointed?

Do you always patient, forgive them? Or, maybe.. You're not wrong, but to bring the situation back to normal, you say sorry first even that you are not wrong?

Hurt, rite. Sometimes, just like we always think about their feelings and keep it good but they just like idgaf.
I'm tired. Being good person isn't easy. 

I'm Tired, and I always say that thousand times a day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I waste half of my life waiting for something impossible to get him back.

I hurt my self for waiting something I don't know when he'll comeback.

I dream about him and that's the reason I hate wake up from my bed while my dreams isn't over yet.

I re-read my diary. There's a lot of happy and sad strories about us.

I look back. And I wish that you're there, come to me and say that you'll stay.

I think that this is some test from God.

I waste my money and go somewhere that can 'hush' my boredness.

I cried in the middle of the night. Hugging the doll that you gave to me.

I ask my self.. "Am I ever cross your mind?", "Are you have being in love with someone else?".

I pray to God.. "Please, don't fall in love with someone else."

I try to be a better person.

I hate how easily I remember the things you would rather forget.

My heart breaks a little when I hear your name...

The more I try to move on, the more I feel alone..

Every day I missed you more...

Hey :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

extra support+extra patient.

HI BLOG! long time no post, kangen tau.
Okay, langsung ajaya ke cerita.

Ya kamu tau siapa lagi yang suka aku ceritain disini. Tak lain dan tak bukan, Denies. Dia sibuk skarang. Aku suka itu. Dia gak lagi nganggur dan leyeh-leyeh sama temennya, ngabisin uang dsb yang negative. Dia skarang jadi photographer di sekolahnya.
OYA! Btw, skarang aku udah kelas 9 \=D/ instantly now, Denies is 10grade at Senior High School. Sekolah kita beda skarang. Denies pun punya teman baru yang aku gakenal dan gatau wujud mereka seperti apa. Aku rada males sekolah skarang, soalnya Denies ngga satu sekolah lagi sama aku :-(

*back to story*

Denies skarang sibuk mondar-mandi jeprat-jepret pake camera Nikon nya. Hasil potret nya pun bagus. Aku amaze, skarang photography ku malah hancur. Camera nganggur dirumah. Fiuh~

Sibuk = Gada / Minimnya waktu buat sama aku :)

Secara garis besar bisa disimpulkan seperti itu. Aku kadang 'agak' jealous sama pekerjaannya. Dia hadir terus, sedangkan denganku? Engga. Tapi, harus aku support dengan cara ya... Mandiri, ngga nakal, blajar giat dsb yang bisa aku lakuin sendiri tanpa dia. Dan ngingetin dia buat sholat, makan dan blajar pun tak lupa.
Hm, kadang rasa kangen akan mu terlintas lho :"-3 #EAEA. Tapi, slalu aku control smua biar aku ga ganggu kegiatan-kegiatan mu :-D


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Me: Cingg... Drmn? :/
Cingg: Tangannya Cingg kena gergaji *ngumpetin jempol*
Me: Yaampun liat, siniii -_- knapa bisa Cingg? *sambil ngobatin*
Cingg: :( Gapapah....
Me: Kok bisa Cingg? *ngambil air, handuk sama betadine* Cingg drtd ngapain sih? hm.. :(
Cingg: Di klinik :( tetanus, tadi maghrib2 Cingg ngegergaji, ga sholat :/
Me: YALLAH CINGG!!! :'( tetanus ntar kalo infeksi gimana?!!!! Harus di amputasi gimana?!!! :'( Cingg bandel sih! Haduh, trus trus ini sama syapa Cingg? :'(
Cingg: Sama mamah berdua :( Maaf :' udah dikasih kaya semprot2 gitu kok? :( dalem banget Tta  nusuknya :( tadi dikasih Dettol periiiih dikit :/
Me: Yaampun!! :'( besok kalo sholat, sholat! Harus sholat! Pokoknya, Cingg tau kan maghrib banyak hantunya, gaboleh lagi diulang kaya gitu ya Cinggyah! :'( duh ingin jenguk, gimana tangannya Cingg? :'
Cingg: Ehhmm *maunangis* hmm, atit biru warnanya :'(
Me: Cupcupcup, aduh Cingg :( moga gapapa deh ya Cingg duh :( jangan diulang lagi, umm trus ngetik ini gimana? Pake satu tangan? :' duh Cingg sih pentalitan u,u


Me: Kalo perih kalo sakit gausah smsan, ntar Tta telfon ajayah pake yang m3 :'
Cingg: Iyah Tta, ingin telfon kangen :(
Me: Cupcupcup Cacingg, iya nanti di telfon yah, cupcupcup sekarang dimana? Jagoan nya Tta kok nangis sih, hm?:'

Cingg: Cingg dirumah daritadi nonton OVJ :p

( ˉДˉ)-σ Щ(ºДºщ) ◎( ̄^ ̄)====◎)>_<”) 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

PICNIC! Pangandaran - Jakarta

I wanna tell you about my trip with my school, Sultan Agung 1 Islamic Junior High School. VERY EXCITING! Even when I'm back at home, my voice was hoarse and exhausted -_-

First place to visit is Pangandaran Beach.
At half past 7, we gathered at mozaik room at school and pray isya' together (that time, I was on my period so..I'm not joining the pray). After that, there's some notices about the trip. First place that us will visit is Pangandaran Beach at West Java. I'm sitting with my chair-mate, Zela. Our bus number is 3 and we sit at the fifth chair at the left bus's side.

foto malam pertama di bus :D
sstt!! Zela is sleeping

After I took some photos, I slept too. The time is like so fast, when I woke up it's 5 am. The bus stopped at a Karya Bakti Restaurant. Some of them are praying shubuh and after that, we have our breakfast. Woops, my friends are all very...veryy hungry until the foods are run out -_- I just eat a fried rice. We are there until 6 am.


Karina, are you 'galau'? :p
Condition at Bus 3 (back)

Woops...Before we visit the Pangandaran Beach, we visit a beautiful place named Green Canyon. Green Canyon is a lake with a green color. I'm sure that's a lake or river but I'm feeling lucky that I've visit it!

(re: left) Aku, Gita, Zela, mba Yuma :D

(re: left) Gita, Zela
(re: left) Mba Yuma, me.

(re: left) Karina and Ega at the different boat
Karina dan Ega :D


mba Yuma :D

After Green Canyon, we continued our way to Pangandaran Beach. Before we visit Pangandaran Beach, we visited Batu Hiu. Just a small beach with a stone that the stone's shape is a shark's mouth. 


(re: left) me, ega, zela, gita, karina, mba yuma
(re: left) mba yuma, zela, gita, ega, karina, bu aisyah an aqidah akhlaq's teacher and bu har an Indonesian teacher

(re: left) zela, me
(re: left) anna, mahda
Mahda, Ana

And than, we continued (again) our way to Pangandaran Beach an take some photos at the bus while on the way to Pangandaran Beach.

At Pangandaran Beach, me, Mahda and Anna take some walk at the beach's side. And I know something now, Mahda is afraid of waves. I don't know...afraid of being wet or what hahahaha. Me and Anna scare Mahda. wkwk. After we are done take some walk, we washed our feet at a public toilet and than suddenly I scream... "DOMPET KU ILANG!" yay, my wallet is gone -_- I'm panic, Anna confused and Mahda..very confused. And when we back to the bus, I'm searching my wallet under my sit and finally.... "Alhamdulillah, jatuh dibawah tempat duduk", everybody lookin' at me with a like a silly face hahaha. Me? I'm just smiling and shy because I'm making everybody panic :p at Pangandaran Beach, everybody busy with their own activity. Take a bath, praying, tidying up their things, eat, sleep, take some photos, walking-walking, shopping etc. I bought an ice cream..em, not just 1 but 2 because I was thirsty and I wanted an ice cream HAHA. And finally, the bus is starting to move.

(re: left) zela, ann
I slept much while on the road to Jakarta and yeah, the camera's battery and my cellphone are empty. So I can't take any pictures again at the bus. And than we stopped at a restaurant and I don't know what it's name. I ate a fried chicken and soup. And it's 4 hours more to get to Jakarta. We arrived at hotel (seriously, that's not a hotel) at half past 3. 

My room number is 215 with Mahda, Karina, April, Dheak and Dina. Dheak and Dina are from 8B Class. Because we've sleep much at the bus, we choose to playing cards. We play tepok nyamuk and minuman. So fun!!! We've spend 2 hours for playing cards. And I'm hearing that Germany has lost from Italy at football world championship UUGGH! After that, I wanna visit Anna's room. And when I asked some people at Anna's room, they said that Anna is taking a bath. HA! And I'm oking with Anna by turn off and on the bathroom's lamp, the place that Anna is taking a bath and than Anna is like get mad and speak loudly and mocking me :p wkwk. She don't know that I'm the one who turn off and on the bathroom's lamp :p


Nah! This picture is taken by pak Hasan, my sport's teacher. He's hurry because we will visit Dufan, that's why the picture is tilt -_-

Zela is getting dizzy because I don't know so, I enjoy the view.

zela nya pusing :(
condition of Bus 3, peaceful (front)
condition of Bus 3, rusuh -_- (back)

Mahdanya bobok.....

We've arrived at Ancol's area. First place to visit is Gelanggang Samudera Ancol. At Gelanggang Samudera Ancol, there's some knick-knack. We ride Ubur-Ubur
(re: left) me, Gita, Zela, Karina riding Ubur-Ubur.
(re: left) Karina, Zela
(re: left) Gita, me
awkward moment.....

Out from Gelanggang Samudera Ancol, we've to pray dzhuhur and asar and thaaannnn....DUFAN! omg. we walked towards Ancol and .... it went rather far and tiring. Finally, was soooooooo exhausting! And we've arrived and than we tried the rides!

  • Kora-Kora
    First rides we've tried is Kora-Kora. It is a swinging boat! Why boat? Because the shape is a boat. I, Zela, Anna and Mahda sit at the front. We met Balqis and Nisa from 8B class. I can't scream loudly, because this cold ugh -_-
  • Histeria
    Frome the name, we can imagine that the rides can make the person who ride it will be histeric! Histeria. When we are queue, it's a longggg longgg queue row. And we hear someone is screaming while riding the Histeria. I'm like..omg. Once, I choose to go back and just see my friend but nah, I'm here and I've try all the rides! 

  • zela gaya, aku tegang.....

    AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! awkward -_-

    After riding Histeria, we had our lunch at Columbus Fried Chicken.

    • Bianglala
      When we wanted to ride Bianglala, the queue is so long as same as when we queue the Histeria. And it's our time! Me and Zela, Anna and Mahda and there's 2 boys that we don't know who they are haha. Because the maximum capacities are 6 people so....yup, the 2 stranger boys are in for somplete the capacities. And I'm imagine if we are fallen down...I'm scared. And the wind makes our Bianglala shaken' -_- 

    • Rumah Miring

      Rumah Miring is the weeiiirrrdeesstt rides. The house is tilt and makes us so hard to walk around. When we were entering the Rumah Miring, it feels dizzy. Seriously.
    • Niagara-Gara

      Niagara-gara can make you wet! I've been at Trans Studio before, there's a rides that same as Niagara-gara but I didn't remember what's the ride's name hehe. When I, Zela, Anna and Mahda was queued, we talked much while waiting for the queue. But there's some people who can't wait or maybe very excited so they yell "Maju Maju!!" and they're annoy us -_-
      After that, this is our time to ride the Niagara-gara, it's a boat. And omg..I'm so nerveous, scared but excited!!! And we across the road leading to the top, just like a roller coaster. And when heading down the road, my heart felt like sank. I screamed so loud. because at that time I was sitting in the front row
    • Rumah Jail

      When we headed to the Istana Boneka,  we stopped into Rumah Jail. Hearing it's name, I began to kepo++ and than, we entered it. This Rumah Jail is full off mirrors that makes us dizzy and makes us hard to searched the way out from this Rumah Jail -_-
    Zela and me, when at Rumah Jail. 
    • Istana Boneka

      AND THAN FINALLY. WE ARE IN THE PLACE THAT WE ALL HAVE WAITED TO GO THERE. Simple, but this place rimends me about my childhood. Istana Boneka, a place that full of dolls! Zela thought that we can't visit it, but Alhamdulillah..we can make it! 

    Istana Boneka's building
    And finally, we have to get back at the bus becuase we'll back to Semarang. Zela walk so fast, and we were seperated. But I'm still with Anna and Mahda. And there's April following us. There's an awkward story before we reached the bus. There's a hot dog stand, because I'm very hungry so I buy the hot dog without chili. Anna, Mahda and April talking about Wagiman and Subardjo (you don't have to know who are they), omg...They are veryyy make mee sick -_- because we both very exciting to talk about Wagiman and Subardjo, we choose the wring way to get back to the bus! We almost farrrr awwwaayy from the place where our bus stopped. That is veryyy awkward moment!
    I can't forget it, because this is very exciting moments. Tired, sleepy but we all are having fun!