Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi! Long time no posting here, there's a lot of tasks, homeworks and activities that I can't leave.
So here I am, an officially Senior High School student.
I'm waking up at 5:00 am and pray shubuh, after that I usually sleep again. My mom and dad waking me up again at 6:00 am and I'm starting to go to the bathroom with my eyes still like don't want to open and I still can't really clearly see. After taking a bath I go to my bedroom and start dressing. Sometimes, I prepare my school schedule in the morning after I'm dressing. HAHAHAHAHA. My mom start calling me and ask me to have my breakfast. I go to school with my brother, Yodi. But if he can't, I'm with my dad. I usually go to school at 6:30 am. My school start at 6:50 am.
I'm at X.1 class that there are 28 students in it. Before we start our lesson, we lined up in front of the class and recite the pledge of our senior high school's.

Ikrar SMA Nasima

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Ashaduallailahaillah waashaduannamuhammadarrasulullah. Rodditubillahirrabba wabilislamidina wabimuhammadinnabiyyawarasula. Wabilqurani imamawahukma wabilmuslimina ikhwana.
We are the students of SMA Nasima. 
We are always faithful to Allah and his messenger. Dedicate to our parents, respect to our teacher love our friends and have no enemy. Study hard and recite Qur'an. Keep on praying and creative.
Indonesian Youngster.
I'm an Indonesian youngster, the pillar of country and the nation's hope. Ready to defense our country, we always study hard.

After we recite the pledge, we can go to our classroom. After that, we sing the Indonesia Raya song, read Asmaul Husna and Al-Qur'an. 
Our first break is at 9:00 am. My school have no canteen, but some of my friends sell foods so we can buy it. Our second break is at 11:30 am. My school have set lunch for us by catering and the food is so f*in DELICIOOOOUUUSS. If one or two or three or more didn't come to school, I take their lunchies. So sometimes I can eat 3 times at school. First one is from my friend who sell his foods, and for the second and third is from my lunch and my friend's lunch. 
After lunch, we pray dzhuhur and at 12:30 pm, we start our lessons again until 3:00 pm. Before got back home, we have to pray ashar too.
So, I got back round 4:00 pm. I got back home with my friend named Luthfira by motorcycle. But if she can't, I sometimes with my brother or riding angkot.

Tiring rite? 

But, there's a lot of happiness there! 
I can meet my friends, talk with them about random things, joking with them until I'm laughing hard, watch movies, see my crush, and etc. I usually talks with my chair-mate named Icha when we just like gettin' bored with the lesson. Or tell jokes with my boys named Satya, Fathur, Haidar, Alvin etc. When the first break is start, I like to visit the other class to meet my friends like Luthfira, Resa, Ayu etc. 

I love my school, my friends. 
But not the lessons. 

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